Persecution of Christianity

(Translation from Russian)

I was born in Kazakhstan, Bogara village. Later on I learned that historians had determined that this was the geographical location of Shambala. I have remembered since early childhood that in one and the same place of the yard I had to implement daily spiritual work. The Earth in spiritual insight was rolling down and could split up. By concentration of thought and spirit I used to return it to its original place. These actions lasted for a long time and were a hard work. On one winter day in the beginning of a year I fixed the Erath by spirit in such a way that it stopped rolling. In three days on Christmas my grandmother who was a person of deep faith and every day prayed to the sacred image of the Mother of God asked me to go out through the gate. Though it was evening I went out of the yard. Some children came up to me and the tallest boy pointed his finger at me and told, "He is Jesus Christ". The other children also started pointing at me saying and then shouting louder, "He is Jesus Christ". All of a sudden they stopped shouting and left. I returned home and asked my grandmother who those children were because I had never seen them in that small village before. The grandmother had been keeping silence for a while and told that they came form a distance and walked straight to our house. When I was about school age I told my friend this story and he asked me to tell more about everything. I remember that I described the future with not dangerous cars which fulfilled the will of man, one should just believe. In the course of time a lot of children used to gather around me and I told them stories about the future. Later on in Moscow my childhood friend came to my office and told that he remembered everything very well.
In 1979 I spent my vacation at my relatives in Kuibyshev. They bought a ticket for me to have a rest in a rest home on Volga. In that rest home in fact I organized daily sermons in a religious group on the subject of spiritual direction of development of techniques and application of Christian prayers for safety. Currently the residents of Samara (present name of Kuibyshev: note of translator) help me actively.
In 1980 I organized a religious group in Uzbekistan, which mainly studied salutary influence of Christian commandment "You shall not murder" and prayers in mastering of oriental combats.
In 1988 I created a religious Christian group in c. of Moscow with the main trend of sermons in the direction of eternal development of people.
In the beginning of 90-ies I worked on diagnostics of aeromechanics and Morozkina Nora Raimovna told me once on Christmas that she had seen that I was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ. Then she wrote a book "Traktovka" (interpretation), in which she told about it. I carried out diagnostics of aeromechanics with the help of Christian religious principles. The religious group worked on distribution of knowledge about possibility of diagnostics of techniques and eternal development.
In 90-ies some evidences testifying to the fact that I was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ appeared. Some religious groups were founded.
Representatives of fundamental religions always met me sympathetically. For example, the Supreme Clergyman of the Temple Satya Sai Baba who had never made mistakes in spiritual vision told me that I was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ. Priests of Orthodox Christian Church informed me that I was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ and one of the proofs was my ability to diagnose techniques without errors. The senior priest of Saint Nina church in Tbilisi father Gabriel during the service led me behind the altar and directed his parish people towards me. Many of the parish people in night dreams were attended by Orthodox saints who told them to go to Grigoriy Grabovoy because he was the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. Documentary evidences of this information were certified by a notary of UNESCO. The head of the department of education of Moscow patriarchate, rector of spiritual education father John wrote on my book "May the Lord help you.". Archbishop Orlovskiy and Livenskiy the Highest Priest Paisiy told that he input the data about the meeting with me into the Golden Book of the Church. I had a lot of meetings with representatives of various religions and we always achieved mutual understanding about the necessity of salvation of people.
In 2001, March 26th I, being the single founder of a Non-Commercial Organization "Fund of Grigoriy Grabovoy", signed a resolution that all my seminars and lectures should be regarded as sermons because distribution of my Teachings in the area of religion was stipulated by the charter of Non-Commercial Organization "Fund of Grigoriy Grabovoy".
On June 5th, 2004 I made a public utterance that I, Grabovoy Grigoriy Petrovich was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ. The declarants who proved that I was the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ started spreading their lectures widely. In order to prove that for more than 2000 years of Anno Domini Christianity had changed the world for better I didn't say no to people who came to me with a list of signatures confirming that they were electing me the president of Russia in 2008. The same way as Jesus Christ, who had no administrative right to be the ruler but declared about it, I had no administrative legal right to become the President of RF since 2008 because I received the citizenship of RF in 2000, however I declared about it. One should be a citizen of Russia no less than 10 years in order to have the right to be a candidate at the elections of President of RF. Moreover, I was reminded that in the broadcast "Frankly speaking" I had told that it was inexpedient for me to be the President of Russia because it implied local work at the territory of only one country. However these details were misunderstood and persecution of me for Christianity through mass media and other means started. On 20th March 2006 prosecution based on article "swindle" was commenced against me. It could be followed from the indictment that belief in universal resurrection in Christianity was considered to be "swindle". At night of 5th /6th April 2006 I was arrested and an officer of the criminal investigation department told me, "You are Jesus Christ. Pontius Pilate is coming for punishment. He is investigator Breev".
I rejoined that Pontius Pilate was a governor but not a worker of a prosecutors office. Officer of the investigation department on organized outlawry Herman lead me to his desk and pointed to a placard behind the chair with a photo of great number of Moslems in Mecca. He told "This is my world. It is so huge". Herman heard the words of another officer who had told that investigator of the prosecutor's office Breev M.S. as governor of Judaca Pontius Pilate was coming to punish me. Therefore his pointing to the placard was perceived as if Moslems were also participating in the punishment of a Christian. Breev sat down on the chair under the placard with the photo of believers Moslems and started interrogation. He asked if I had made an utterance that I had been the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. When I confirmed this I understood that this was exactly the real reason of prosecution commenced against me by Breev. The same situation recurred at the confrontation in 20 days when Breev reminded me that I had made an utterance that I had been the Second Advent of God Jesus Christ hinting that this was the real reason of prosecution against me.
Exactly as in the First Advent when the nuclear explosions were seen in the eyes of people testifying in confrontation against me, they were seen in the eyes of journalist Vorsobin. However at that time there were thousands of years before, this time the eyes approached them to several years. At present one could buy the same amount of white bread at the sum of 39000 of rubles promised to them by the prosecutors office which could have been bought at 30 pieces of silver by Judas. The same way as that time the present preliminary investigation has been finished without the witnesses of defense. It means that exactly as that time no person came to witness for me. Though there is no supreme punishment at present the experts of the prosecutor's office exposed the whole mankind to the risk of destruction by acknowledging that technologies of my Teachings, which actually saved billions of people, were criminal. However my forecast came true when barrister E.V.Tokarev from Samara told the judge at the judicial sitting on July 7th, 2006 that there were three persons in the room who came to witness for me. The current of events was refracted towards salvation of people. Later on, on 10th July the judge issued a resolution that the court determined that my constitutional rights were impaired.
The Public Prosecutor's Office proved that I had never been in Beslan and had never received money. I was told that the customer of the criminal prosecution against me for my religious activities was the highest rank official of authority of Russia and that nothing could be done, international terrorists acted against me, no resolutions could be made in my favor. However for the first time this did not prove. I was told that the highest rank official was an atheist though he prayed to be shown on television and his main task was to take the baton from Israeli people in order to make Russia guilty for the punishment of me, the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, through criminal prosecution. They spread information that the number of people killed in Russia was several orders greater than in any other countries. Mass media, contrary to my knowledge, published an article that Russia was the motherland of death. Therefore it was that very country through which people could be annihilated by means of prohibition of my Teachings. On the contrary I received a good answer from the Constitutional court of RF in my favor. Investigator Breev wrote in the resolution about criminal prosecution against me that "a visitor was lead to the state of religious belief of the idea of Grabovoy G.P. and perception of him as "alive God"". It meant that investigator Breev and the victims attributed religious faith protected by article 28 of Constitution of Russia to swindle. However I know that people of Russia will establish the truth the same way as they determined that I had never been in Beslan and had never received money. I was told that people lit candles for me every Sunday at 05:00 PM for help to me and my liberation. The bad thing was that the court and the prosecutor's office persecuting me for Christianity prolonged my imprisonment though a lot of people sent a signed petition relating to Balakovskaya Nuclear Power Station of Saratov region. The petition requested not to prolong my imprisonment because a nuclear explosion destructing millions of Russians and residents of Western Europe could happen as I was deprived of access to the equipment.

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